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Spermworld (Feature Documentary, March 2024)

Three men enter the new wild west of baby making - online forums where sperm donors connect with hopeful parents - but find themselves exchanging more than just genetic material. Read more about the film here, or watch it on FX & Hulu 3/29!


Director: Lance Oppenheim

Producers: Lauren Belfer, Lance Oppenheim

Co-Producer: Christian Vazquez, Sophie Kissinger, Daniel Garber, Alana Huaser

Executive Producers: Kathleen Lingo, Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg, Eli B. Despres

Cinematographer: David Bolen

Editor: Daniel Garber 

Co-Editor: Emily Yue

Composer: Ari Balouzian

Sound Recordist: Richard Carlos
Associate Producers: David Malmborg, David Bolen & Richard Carlos
Colorist: Damien van der Cruyssen 
Re-Recording Mixer: Paul Hsu
Additional Photography: Nate Hurtsellers
Additional Sound: Jack Sobo
Music Producer:
Ryan Balouzian

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