A lot of my films follow and often empathize with individuals that choose to live their lives by atypical means in worlds where their versions of reality are arguably one of fiction.
In my design work and in an era guided by post-truth, I have attempted to create works that closely represent that the hypocrisy that non-fiction filmmaking allows for an unvarnished look at others’ lives. Though it is no secret that some documentaries are either partly or largely staged, the fact that truth can be essentially true is fascinating to me. As a documentarian living in a world where our everyday news is heavily sculpted, this provides rich territory for this type of exploration.
From humanizing the news with News/People, to challenging users' comfort zones with World Peace, to utilizing Pavlovian psychology to encourage young parents to save money with Think of the Baby, to humanizing escapism with Seashell headphones, I hope that my desing work is reflective of the truth-confused era in which we live in today. 


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